Operations Support

The ability to scale and build future value in your company while also dealing with the day to day business challenges is one of the greatest challenges for business owners. A large number of business owners and managers state that being too busy is one of the main reasons why they don’t get time to future proof their company. Getting support to develop a strategic plan can be done in a relatively short time however the actual implementation phase and monitoring the companies KPI’s takes time and can overwhelm business owners and management teams.

Maighread will work with clients to support them to  put their agreed business plans into action. She will do this by providing ongoing management advice, overseeing the tasks that need to be achieved and taking responsibility for delivering specific elements of the plan where there is a lack of people, skills or time in the company to get those done.

Work Place Investigator

In today’s working environment it is imperative that employers are seen to be open and transparent. Hence, when faced with a complaint within your company it is important that the employer engages external and impartial experts in order to deal with these complaints.

Maighréad is an experienced Workplace Investigator. The goal of every investigation that she will undertake is to determine the facts surrounding the alleged conduct that led to the complaint. As an impartial, independent investigator she serves as a fact-finder and is very skilled at both interviewing and the interview process so that the interview questions are relevant, reveal the facts of the matter, and enable both Maighread and her investigation team to make credible determinations.

HR Support

All companies who employ staff will have questions over employment law and the right way to proceed when hiring employees. Therefore it is essential that employers have the skills and knowledge to be able to firstly attract employees into their organisation and then keep them.

Maighread’s background in this sector and her significant senior management experience in hiring staff from all disciplines and at all levels within organisations has resulted in her being in the unique position of being able to advice and guide employers in this area. Maighréad offers impartial advice and guidance on the hiring process and is available to sit on interview panels as the external interviewer. She will also work with junior and in-experienced managers who are struggling to keep on top of their roles and responsibilities.

Compliance & Risk 

Maighréad supports home care providers to develop compliance solutions that are in line with HIQA National Standards for Safer Better Care and/or the Joint Commission International (JCI) standards for Home Care.  She will work with your agency to help you identify your priorities, ensuring that you have the knowledge and resources you need to deliver care consistent with best National and International practice. Maighréad will also support you to develop tools for more effective monitoring, documentation, quality assurance, and evaluation systems in order for your company to be able to achieve the highest standards in care.

Maighréad also works with privately held companies in the area of compliance and risks. She reviews situations, assesses hazards, identifies risks and will make recommendations on what controls should be put in place to remove or reduce those risks.


All charities are expected to comply with the Charity Regulator Governance code by 2020 and, from 2021, all charities will be required to report on their compliance with the code on an annual basis, by filling out a (50 page) compliance record form.

Maighréad has been a Company Director since 2014 and is both experienced and knowledgeable in the area of governance and assessing governance compliance within companies. She will partner with your charity, organisation or social enterprise to help your CEO and board of directors to identify the areas of priority in order to be compliant with the Charity Regulators Code. She will then provide you with support, assistance and guidance in order to address those priorities.

From June 2020 Maighread will be offering tailor made Governance Training for Charity Trustees. This training will be specific to the needs of your organisation.

Freelance Consultancy


Maighréad offers a range of services relating to management and operations both in the private, voluntary and public sector. This work includes developing policies and procedures, providing support  on operations and risk management. She also offers practical advice and guidance on how to adhere to the newly introduced regulations regarding data protection.

Maighréad also has experience working as a freelance consultant in the social economy sector. She is experienced and qualified to review publications both regional and national which are now out of date. She will then undertake research to ensure the information is accurate and relevant.


External Investigations
HR Support